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Grab a friend, come learn how to stop your leakage, and take home 5 exercises to help you identify and strengthen your problem areas.  
You are not alone! Leakage is so common but NOT normal!
What our patients say about our clinic....
"I am so glad I discovered Sarah and pelvic floor therapy! My life has changed for the better with the techniques she has taught me. I can finally laugh, cough, and sneeze without worry! Thank you so much for improving my quality of life."
• Beth
"I have had trouble since my son was born, which was almost 30 years ago. When a friend recommended pelvic floor therapy, I was skeptical, but I figured it was worth a try. After one visit with Sarah, I saw a difference. To say this therapy has changed my life is an understatement. I cannot thank you enough, and I will not hesitate to recommend you."
• Dana
"I was referred to Meadowland and Sarah specifically for pelvic floor issues and sciatica symptoms that developed after a weightlifting injury. Sarah was exceptional in her ability to diagnose not only what I was experiencing, but where, why, and how my symptoms developed. She has a gift of understanding when you have to talk about things that can be embarrassing or just don't know the words to describe what you're feeling. I felt confident and at ease in her care. She has helped me get back to feeling pain-free and functioning again in a short amount of time! I'm so grateful for her skill and talent. I would recommend anyone to see her for help."
• Paula
Meet your PT
• Sarah Cairns •
Sarah is our pelvic floor physical therapist. She became a PT because of an injury she had and loved it so much that she changed her career path and went back to school for physical therapy. She loves seeing the difference in her patients when they complete therapy and can recognize how their life has become better! 
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